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About The League
The MilSim Corps is an international sports league for scenario paintball teams. The goal of the MilSim Corps is to establish scenario paintball as an official sport and provide every team with an organized competitive league that is affordable and accessible by all.

Sports league organization...
Similar to a sports league, the MilSim Corps has a Regular Season, a Regional Playoff and a National Championship.

During the Regular Season, teams play once a month against other teams at their "home" field. At the end of the Regular Season, teams get to compete at the Regional Playoffs. The winners of the Regional Playoffs move on to compete at the National Championships. This means any team, anywhere, can make it to a National level by starting off locally.

The lowest cost...
There's no need to travel to each event held all over the country or pay hundreds in team entry fees per event like tournament leagues.  Each player becomes a league member by paying a low annual membership fee. That's it. There are never additional team entry fees at any MilSim Corps events including Playoffs and Championships. At a MilSim Corps game day, you only pay the normal field fee just like a regular day of paintball, nothing extra. Now, players can participate in league play for the same cost of rec play.

In the MilSim Corps, teams don't have to be highly funded, only highly motivated!

Real scenario games...
The MilSim Corps offers a true scenario game format. There are no capture the flag games, there is no predetermined field size with evenly spaced flag stations. The MilSim Corps has developed the most unique scenario based game system of any league.

Each year, the league develops a new scenario storyline that is based on current events. From this scenario, the league creates different "Missions" that are part of the storyline and lead from one to the next. Teams will play a different Mission each month at their "home" field and every individual player that steps on the field is actually playing a part in the scenario.

The most unique format...
The MilSim Corps offers the most intense and competitive league format ever developed. Each player on the team is assigned a role and has a specific task. Each Mission has multiple objectives with time requirements and every team gets to play both sides of the game, Mission and Patrol (attack and defend). Teams play with rocket launchers and paint mines, snipers and heavy gunners. If you haven't played a MilSim Corps Mission, you've never played scenario games like this.

Exclusive and innovative scoring system...
The MilSim Corps has developed the exclusive, patent-pending ArmBand Scoring System. This system is able to track what role you played, which objectives you completed, how many times you were shot, how many reinsertions you used and even how many players YOU SHOT! All of your personal stats are recorded and kept for your career with the league. You are able to see how you did in each and every MilSim Corps game you ever played. The league also has the only system that ranks each individual player based on actual game experience.

Ready to play?
To become a league member, simply fill out the Player Registration Form. After you register, you will receive a Member ID number to track your personal stats. Then show up to your local MilSim Corps field on game day and play. That's it. There's no additional registering at the field, just provide your Member ID.

To find your nearest Authorized Field, check for LOCATIONS & DATES

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our
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Welcome to the Corps!
The MilSim Corps Staff