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Q: Why can't I find my team web banner here?
Individually numbered MilSim Corps web banners are provided directly from the league and are not available for download here. If you need a new team web banner, please email us at


MilSim Corps Documents
(All documents are in PDF format.
To download, click on the title and save to your computer.



Official League

Latest Revision: 3/9//2011

MilSim Corps Games Instructions

Instructions on how to setup, run and score the MilSim Corps Games.


This form is used by Officials to record IDs, objectives completed and armbands collected for each game.

Kill Card

This form is used by the team to record Player IDs and number of kills.

Objective Signs

These are the field signs used to designate the location of the objectives.

Operation 2011
This is the complete scenario for the 2011 season with each Mission description.

Operation 2010

This is the complete scenario for the 2010 season with each Mission description.

MilSim Corps Flyers
(All flyers are in PDF format.)



League Flyer to promote the league at your field

MilSim Corps Images
(All images are in JPG, GIF or PNG format.)


Description: Link all images to To download web banners, click the link to the right of the banner.

League Web Banner
(Original Size: 250 x 75)



League Web Banner
(Original Size: 500 x 175)

Authorized Field Sign
(Print Size: 36" x 24")

Authorized Field Banners

You may purchase an Authorized Field Sign from the MilSim Corps Store or download this image to have one made at your convenience.