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Field Owner Testimonials  
"The league has brought players that have never been to my field and they keep coming back."
- Bill Fabijancic, Owner, Chaos Paintball Park, MI
"We had a great time! Everything went very well for our first time and 
all the players had a great day!"
- Lisa Layman, Owner, Adrenaline Junkie Paintball
, NC

Player Testimonials
"We've been looking for something lke this for a long time. Wherever you guys are, we'll be there"
- Luis Nunez, Team Captain, Fused Unit, MilSim Corps Team #1005
"First of all, thank you very much for the league, its the best thing since sliced bread!!!"
- Shane Loudermilk, Team Captain, Status Soldiers, MilSim Corps Team #1028
 "We were going to travel to play...but why do that when we're having so much fun in our own backyard."
- Patrick Hoorigan, Team Captain, Worcester Wolfpack, MilSim Corps Team #1034
"My team's been together for years and no one's heard of us. This thing is going to get us the recognition we deserve."
-Chris Cayo, Team Captain, The Creed, MilSim Corps Team #1080
Field Owners
The MilSim Corps is an international sports league for scenario paintball teams.
It is designed to be a no cost, no risk, all repeat business addition to any field.

As a sports league, teams will play once a month at their "home" field during the regular season. This means that all the teams in your area will attend league games at your field, generating repeat business each month.

It works just like a Private Group but with more potential. This "group of teams" become repeat customers and the number of players in the group grows as more teams join the league. Additionally, the group will only go to your field for league games because you will be the only Authorized Field in your area.

The league takes care not to approve Authorized Fields near each other in order to maintain a successful amount of business potential for our partner fields. Once you become an Authorized Field, no other fields in the area may offer the league.

In addition to steady, repeat business, the benefits continue with a "no cost to fields" business law model.

There are no fees paid to the league. You keep all revenue generated from league players at your field. The league generates revenue from the annual membership fees.

There are no costly field construction requirements. Your only requirement is to run paintball games on your field as is, which is what you already do. The league format is simple to run and we offer both instructional videos and direct assistance.

As part of the league, we work to promote and recruit teams for your field. If our fields don't have teams, the league doesn't generate revenue. The league and the fields are partners.

Our business model is truly unique with a system that keeps players coming back month after month with a potential to generate new and repeat business. 

To sign up your field or if you would like more information, call us directly or use our contact form. We will review the league and answer any questions you may have. If you decide the league is a good fit for your business, your field will be added. The whole process is automated and seamless.

Call us today at 888.9.MILSIM (964.5746) or use our
Contact Form.