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How To Play
The MilSim Corps is pure Team on Team Scenario!
No Flags...Just Missions!
The Scenario

The MilSim Corps is essentially a big game scenario set up for team on team competition. Each year, the MilSim Corps creates a big game scenario called the"Operation" and splits it into 6 scenario games called "Missions". Each Mission leads from one to the next as part of the storyline. MilSim Corps Authorized Fields will run a different Mission each month.

Please see the Authorized Fields page to locate the Game Schedule for your local field.
The Game Day

On game day, your team will be paired up with another MilSim Corps team.

Your team and the other team will play three (3) rounds against each other.
The Game Day is set up in a unique three round format to allow both teams to play both sides of the Mission with an additional final battle.

In the first round, the Blue team will attack first and the Gold team will defend.
In the second round, the teams switch sides, the Gold team will attack and the Blue team will defend.
For the third round, both teams will battle it out in the woods.

Round 1
(one team attacks,
one team defends)

The Blue Team will be "On Mission" and will try to complete the objectives

The Gold Team will be "On Patrol" and will try to protect the objectives
Round 2
(the teams switch sides)

The Gold Team will be "On Mission" and will try to complete the objectives

The Blue Team will be "On Patrol" and will try to protect the objectives
Round 3
(Ambush Game)

Both teams engage in an all-out, shoot-out, battle to save the Soldier in the middle!
Mission Game Format
Mission Objectives
In each Mission game, there are 5 objectives to complete. There is (1) Main Mission Objective and (4) Support Objectives.

1. Main - This objective is different for each game and is completed per the Mission orders. You never play the same scenario twice in a season. Main Mission Objectives range from Hostage Rescue to VIP Transport to Weapons Disarm and more. A total of six different Missions per season. Any player may complete the Main Mission objective.

2. Recon - To complete this objective, the Recon player must reach a specified location, get the Mission Codes and call them in using a Two Way Radio. The location is different for every Mission and the Recon has to search an area to locate it while trying not to get caught or seen by the opposing forces.

3. Sniper - To complete this objective, the Sniper must sneak up and take out a specified player that is stationed as a Guard. The Guard is always stationed to protect the Demolition objective so the Mission is dependent on your success. Sniper skills are put to the test!

4. Demolition - To complete this objective, the Demo player will carry a Paint Mine, and must reach a specified structure, place the paint mine and detonate it to destroy the target. Each Mission has a different structure to destroy and is always protected by a Guard. The ability to set up and detonate a paint mine under heavy fire is essential.

5. Artillery - To complete this objective, the Artillery player will carry a Rocket Launcher and must shoot a designated target to blow it up. The target is in the opposing forces base so accuracy at a distance is necessary. Rocket launchers are now a necessary skill and required tool for scenario teams!

Support Roles
In addition to the players that have assigned objectives above, there are 3 Support Role players.

1. Leader - Teams plan strategies together before the Mission starts. Once on the battlefield, the action unfolds. Players are shot and reinforced, ammo is low and time is running out. The Leader Role needs to be able to make decisions and direct players to complete the objectives while the leader is in the midst of the action. Experience becomes evident.

2. Medic - The Medic Role carries three (3) Orange Armbands that are used as Bandages. When a player is shot in the field, the player can call for a Medic and the Medic will place the Bandage Armband on the player. The player can then continue playing as a "bandaged" player and does not have to exit the game. The Medic is a strategic element in completing the Mission and supporting the team.

3. Heavy Gunner - The Gunner Role carries twice the ammo as the rest of the players. This is another element of strategy that a team can use to accomplish a Mission or defend their objectives.
Ambush Game Format

The Scenario
Your team is returning from the Mission just completed and is suddenly ambushed by the enemy. One of your team’s members has been shot and is down in the line of fire. The enemy is trying to capture your soldier and take the soldier prisoner. We leave no soldier behind! Under heavy fire, your team will fight the enemy and try to rescue the soldier during the intense, all-out, shoot-out battle.

The Game
A dummy will be placed on the ground. One team will take cover positions 20 meters to the right of the dummy. The other team will take cover positions 20 meters to the left of the dummy. Teams do not start huddled together. Players on both teams may spread out but not be closer than the 20 meters to the dummy. When the game starts, both teams will have an all-out, shoot-out to rescue the dummy. The game will go for 20 minutes for Special Forces and 15 minutes for Task Forces.

The Field
The Ambush game will be set up on a field where both sides of the field are equal terrain so there is no field advantage to either team's position.

The Ambush game uses the MilSim Corps Hot Reinforcements method. Each player will wear two armbands at the beginning of the game. When shot, the player will leave their position, go to the nearest Official and turn in one armband. The Official will then let the player take a cover position in the immediate area and the player is back in the game...right there, right then. That's MilSim Corps Hot Reinforcements.


The MilSim Corps has 2 Divisions for varying playing styles, marker types and team sizes. 
Special Forces Division

Special Forces is a team that is assigned to accomplish a full Mission with all 5 objectives.

Team Size:
Special Forces Division is a 7 player team.
A team may play with as few as 5 players.

Time Limits:
Mission Game: 30 minutes
Ambush Game: 20 minutes

A team in the Special Forces has the following roles:
1. Leader; 2. Medic; 3. Recon; 4. Demolition;
Sniper; 6. Artillery; 7. Gunner


Marker Restriction: None
Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
Fire Rate: One trigger pull, one shot

Heavy Gunner = (6) 140 round pods (840 total)
All Other Roles = (3) 140 round pods (420 total)

Each Special Forces Mission uses all 5 Objectives:
Main, Recon, Demolition, Sniper, Artillery

Task Forces Division (Mag-Fed)

Task Forces Division is a team assigned to accomplish one specific objective which is the Main Mission objective. This is the Mag-Fed marker division.

Team Size:
Task Forces Division is a 3 player team.

Time Limits:
Mission Game: 20 minutes
Ambush Game: 15 minutes

A team in the Task Forces has the following roles:
1. Leader
2. Medic
3. Gunner

Marker Restriction: Mag-Fed or Tube-Fed
Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
Fire Rate: One trigger pull, one shot.

All Roles = 200 rounds

Each Special Forces Mission has 1 Objective: the Main Objective.

Task Forces
The mag-fed owner market is growing and the MilSim Corps is leading the way by providing the first and only mag-fed specific league. This is about establishing mag-fed play in the scenario paintball community. The division provides an opportunity for mag-fed owners to compete as a team and be nationally recognized for their success. Manufacturers will be looking for teams to sponsor to help generate interest in the mag-fed market by promoting top teams and players through the MilSim Corps. As the mag-fed market grows so will the team size and number of objectives in each Mission.

Special Weapons 

Special Weapons are required to complete certain objectives in the Mission. This is a list of special weapons tested and approved by the MilSim Corps for use in the Missions.

All approved products are available at the MilSim Corps store at exclusive member discounts.

MilSim Corps members never pay retail!

Special Weapon

Approved Models

 Exclusive Paint

Tiberius Arms
First Strike Rounds

Paint Mines:
Remote Activated

Spraymore Remote

Paint Mines:
Trip Wire Activated

Major Paintball
Master Mine

Paint Mines:
Step On Activated

Major Paintball

Rocket Launchers 

Metadyne Industries
Rifle Launcher

MilSim Rockets
Bazooka Grenade
RPG Launcher

JCS Industries
Alias Rocket Launcher

Grenade Sling

Smoke Grenades

Sport Smoke
All Models

 Paint Grenades

Major Paintball
G4 Paint Grenades