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Registration FAQ
Do I have to be on a team to register?
No. You can become a league member at anytime and join or create a team at a later date.
Do I need to wait until I have all of my team members before I register my team name?
No. You do not need a full team roster to register your team name. You may register your team name at anytime and then recruit players.
How do I change my team information such as Team Name, Team Field, Email, Website or Team Contact?
To change any team information, simply fill out the Team Registration Form with the new information and enter your Team ID number. Any information that is different from your current information will be changed in the database and the website pages. You will also receive a confirmation email.

How To Join the League
To play in league games, all players must complete the Player Registration Form to get a Member ID number. Players pay an annual membership fee of $30*

Teams must also register their team name to get a Team ID number. There is no cost to register your team name. (Please note: You do not have to be a paid league member to register your team name. You can register your team name at any time and join later.)

On game day, you give your Member ID and Team ID to the Official. The Official will write the ID numbers on the scorecard and submit it to the league to track your team and player stats. 

To become a league member, complete the PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM

To register your team name, complete the TEAM REGISTRATION FORM

To contact teams looking for players, complete the RECRUITING FORM

* The regular membership price is $50 per year per division. To introduce the league to new players and to increase participation in the new mag-fed division, the league is extending the 2010 End of Year Discount into 2011 and allowing players to pay for one membership and play in both divisions.