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Every war has a major battle that is long remembered after the war ends. The MilSim Corps has a Major Battle in each Operation. The Major Battle is the MilSim Corps "Big Scenario Game."

The MilSim Corps Major Battle is open to any players, members and non-members.
All leadership positions will be assigned to MilSim Corps members only.
Specialist Roles will first be offered to league members.

Location and Dates:
The Major Battle is to be held once a year at one field in each Region.
The date and location will be announced by July 1st.

Team Size:
There is a 200 player limit for the Major Battle.
The players will be split into two sides: Side 1 (Blue); Side 2 (Gold).
Each Side will be split into 4 Squads of 25 players for a total of 8 Squads.
Odd Squads (1, 3, 5, 7) are assigned to Side 1 (Blue).
Even Squads (2, 4, 6, 8) are assigned to Side 2 (Gold).

Command Structure:
The two highest ranking MilSim Corps members will be Command Leaders (CL) for each side.
(Please note: we do not use the term General. In the MilSim Corps, the rank of General is earned.)
The next two highest ranking MilSim Corps members will be Executive Leaders (XL).
The highest ranking MilSim Corps member on each Squad is the Squad Leader (SL).

Each SL will assign the roles for their Squad members as follows:
(1) Squad Leader
(2) Medics
(2) Recons
(2) Demos
(2) Snipers
(2) Artillery
(2) Gunners
(12) Infantry

There will be one Major Battle going on at 4 different Battlefields at the same time.
There will be 4 - 45 minute Mission games played and 1 Ambush game played.
Each Side will get to play 2 Missions and 2 Patrols.
Each Squad will get to play at all 4 fields either as Mission or Patrol.
The CL/XL will decide which Squad goes to which field during which game.
Games 1 and 3 - Side 1 is on Mission
Games 2 and 4 - Side 2 is on Mission

Each Battlefield will be a different Mission.
Battlefield 1 - Take Bridge
Battlefield 2 - Missile Transport
Battlefield 3 - Destroy Armory
Battlefield 4 - Capture Base

Main Objective - Each field will have the Main Objective of taking the location (bridge, missile silo, armory, base).
Each field will also have the following support objectives:
(2) Recon
(2) Demo
(2) Sniper
(2) Artillery

There will be Timed Reinforcements for the Major Battle.
When players are eliminated, they must proceed to the Reinforcements Area.
Players will be reinserted at the 15 and 30 minute mark.
Member IDs will be written down by the Official at the Reinforcements Area.

Main Objective: 50 points
Support Objectives: 10 points
Kills: 1 point per player (The total number of kills are tallied for each team and a team is awarded one point for each player killed).

Rank Advancement:
Each game a member plays at the Major Battle will count as 1 Game Played for a total of 5.
The MilSim Corps will not implement Kill Tracking at the Major Battle.
The league will take the total number of kills per side and divide by the number of players in the squad minus how many times you were shot.

Your Squad has 25 players.
Your squad shot 50 players of the other team during your battle.
Each player on the team will get credit for 2 kills (50 kills/25 players = 2 kills per player). Now, if you were shot 1 time, then you will get credit for 1 kill (2 kills/player - 1 killed = 1 kill).

The MilSim Corps Commissioner will be at each Major Battle.
The Officials will be trained by the MilSim Corps Commissioner prior to the event.
There will be 24 Officials at a Major Battle.
There will be 6 Officials at each field.
There will be a videographer and a photographer contracted to record the event. After the event, you will be able to purchase professionally made DVDs. This is how the professionals will get paid.


 Time  Event
 7:00-8:30  Check-In / Team Pics
   Walk-Thrus (there will be two Officials at each field providing walk-thrus)
 8:45-9:00  Mission Briefing (Opening Ceremony)
 9:30-10:15  Game 1 (Side 1 Mission)
 11:00-11:45  Game 2 (Side 2 Mission)
 11:45-12:45  Lunch Break
 1:00-1:45  Game 3 (Side 1 Mission)
 2:30-3:15  Game 4 (Side 2 Mission)
 4:00-4:30  Game 5 (Ambush)
 5:00-5:30  Mission Debriefing (Awards Ceremony