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Team Sponsors FAQ

How can my team get sponsored by one of these sponsors?
MiilSim Corps teams that win a Regional or National Championship will automatically be awarded a sponsorship from one of our sponsors. The sponsor will pay for a portion of your memership fees. This program will be implemented for the 2012 season.
Who gets these sponsors?
The league takes the time and effort to get sponsors for our league teams. We feel industry support will help the sport of scenario paintball grow to levels never achieved.
Can my team get sponsored by other sponsors?
Yes. You can get all of the sponsors you want. However, those sponsors won't be promoted through the league since they did not pay for any members. That's what the league requires sponsors to do. It's our exclusive method to get real support for our scenario teams.

MilSim Corps Official Sponsors

These are real team sponsorships. MilSim Corps sponsored teams have a portion of their team memberships paid for as well as other benefits. Prizes and discounts are provided at the discretion of the sponsor. Through an exclusive agreement between fields, sponsors and the league, your team will be financially supported by covering a portion of the cost of the memberships for the team to compete in the league and represent the sponsor. That's the exclusive MilSim Corps Sponsorship Program. This program will be implemented for the 2012 season.

These sponsors provide discounts to all MilSim Corps members. These products are available to purchase at the
MilSIm Corps Store. Once you become a MilSim Corps member, you get exclusive discount pricing just for being a league memebr!

Any scenario team can play a few big games and apply for a sponsorship from a manufacturer and, yes, get discounts on products from the sponsor. That's standard in the industry. But in the MilSim Corps...a sponsored team has to be a winning team! To get a MilSim Corps exclusive sponsorship, a team has to win at the regional or national level. When you see a MilSim Corps sponsored team, you know they've earned it!


 Tiberius Arms

 Major Paintball


 Catshack Reports

 11 Charlie, LLC
 Kobra Line

 Sport Smoke


 Paintball Bodybags